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Course Image Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional reasoning is a developmental skill that children learn over time. As a professional educator, lean in a build a framework to ensure students are aware of themselves and aware of others. You…
Course Image Wellness


Wellness — Strategies for the Professional Teacher. Seven tips to help center yourself.
Course Image Getting Started with Leaderally

Getting Started with Leaderally

It's time to get started! You've joined the Leaderally revolution and you're ready to become a leader. We'll introduce you to the Leaderally team, highlight things you should know about the Leaderall…
Course Image Leadership Lessons

Leadership Lessons

Everyone views you as a leader. Educators are anchor forces in society. Your leadership role helps grow young minds, shape lives, foster social justice, and build stronger communities. This course wi…
Course Image Parent Communication Toolbox

Parent Communication Toolbox

This course will help you always keep the student in mind when developing communication plans with caregivers. After this course, you will understand the different communication styles, practice gett…
Course Image Challenging Parent Communications

Challenging Parent Communications

Understand your communication style, who you are talking to, and what emotions might be involved in a parent or caregiver discussion. After this course, you will be able to strategize on the best com…
Course Image What's Your Vision?

What's Your Vision?

Professional educators need to develop a vision in order to effectively strategize the needs of their students. Do you have a vision for yourself as a teacher? Is having a vision necessary for studen…
Course Image Transitioning to kindergarten

Transitioning to kindergarten

Parents can be very nervous and emotional about making the transition to kindergarten. Elementary school can look like a big scary unknown and caregivers want to make the transition as smooth as poss…
Course Image Communication for the Professional Educator (CPE)

Communication for the Professional Educator (CPE)

This course offers a foundation in understanding communication from both a theoretical and practical perspective. The goal is for the learner to become a strong and confident communicator inside and …
Course Image Email Communication

Email Communication

Email can be tricky and overwhelming for all professionals. As an educator, it can be especially difficult given parent, caregiver and student emotions. How can you stay on top of all your emails? Ho…

Leslie's Test

This is a test course to practice setting up a course. 
Course Image The Power of Process

The Power of Process

This course will help you to learn the trick to the effective classroom. Have you taken the time to think through all the opportunities that provide structure to your students? Do you know how to dev…
Course Image Bullying


Bullying has emotional impacts on students, sometimes long term and potentially devastating. Take this course to learn how to be a first responder for your students. Basic understanding of how to app…
Course Image Cultural Proficiency

Cultural Proficiency

We all have blinders that limit our perspectives. This course will teach you to understand the factors that give you blinders and how to develop habits of mind that will allow you to see blinder-free…
Course Image Rubrics - What? Why? Evaluate.

Rubrics - What? Why? Evaluate.

As a professional educator, you need to understand the basic types of rubrics and be able to evaluate what makes them effective. Rubrics are a great tool for grading, but they can be more than that t…
Course Image Being Observed

Being Observed

Learn to take charge of yourself and your space when you are observed so you can build your professional reputation. After this course, you will know how to prepare for being observed and how to resp…

Making the most out of the summer

In this course, we will focus on making the most out of summer. Our emphasis will strategies to integrate more self reflection into your end of year practice as well as increase opportunities for pro…
Course Image Action Research for Learning Scientists

Action Research for Learning Scientists

What is Action Research? How do you apply this concept to evaluate, investigate, and analyze needs and situations which arise in your classroom?
Course Image Learning Challenges

Learning Challenges

A basic knowledge of learning issues and disabilities is essential for all professional educators. Many students experience learning challenges and as an educator, it's your role, to observe, and ass…
Course Image Whole Child

Whole Child

21st-century educators must look at the Whole Child and create classrooms that are equitable, engaging, inclusive, and affirming.
Course Image Making time for Professional Learning

Making time for Professional Learning

Professional Learning should not be a chore. It should be easily accessible, useful, helpful and pertinent. Do you feel like you don't have time for professional learning? Or do you feel like it's a …